Moldova: Eight advance to the final

O melodie pentru Europa 2

Eight out of twelve made it to the final from the first semi-final of Moldovan pre-selection. Both jury and audience voted for their favorites and the seven most voted qualified. Additional eighth finalist was chosen solely by the audience.

The qualifiers are bolded below. Next semi-final will take place already on Thursday and the final on Saturday.

  • Eduard Romanyuta – I want your love
  • Marcel Roșca – Feelings will never leave
  • Kitty Brucknell – Remix
  • Mihaela Andrei – About love
  • Raby – Hero
  • Glam Girls – Magia
  • Diana Brescan – Up and down
  • Serj Kuzenkoff – Danu năzdrăvanu
  • Domenico Protino – Let me fly
  • SunStroke Project & Michael Ra – Day after day
  • Irina Kitoroagă – I’m gonna get you
  • Anișoara Volînschi – Vocea inimii

Moldova results first semi-final