Head of Delegation meeting held in Vienna

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The annual Head of Delegation meeting took place in host city Vienna between Sunday and Tuesday. Delegation representatives from all participating countries came to hear what EBU and ORF have to say. They also visited this year’s venue at Wiener Stadthalle.

All songs now published

All 40 participating entries have been handed over to EBU. Armenia had to change the songtitle from ‘Don’t Deny’ to ‘Face The Shadows’ as requested by Reference Group. This is to avoid further controversy over its possible political message.

All songs can be listened to on our YouTube playlist.

Preliminary dates set for 2016

EBU informed broadcasters that the 2016 song contest is scheduled to take place on May 10, 12 and 14. These dates can still change if the host broadcaster asks. For instance, the 2015 Eurovision was originally supposed to take place between May 12th and 16th but was pushed back by a week. This was to keep maximum flexibility in choosing a venue and host city.

Magic bridge

In the Grand Final on May 23rd all participating artists will be presented as they enter the arena via a ‘magic bridge’ (see picture below). No further details were revealed but it seems that this bridge connects the Green Room to the stage for the opening sequence.

Eurovision 2015 stageChanges in Reference Group

The Reference Group of Eurovision Song Contest has been elected. Aleksander Radic (RTVSLO), Emilie Sickinghe (AVROTROS) and Nicola Caligiore (RAI) are the new members of Reference Group.

Starting position for Austria drawn

The producers of this year’s event will determine the running order which will be made public within next weeks. However, the host country’s starting position in the final has been drawn again. Austria will be on stage 14th in the final.

Events on Eurovision week

Vienna is filled with side-events as well when Eurovision Song Contest is in the city. The Eurovision week really starts on May 17th when the Opening Ceremony takes place. Rathausplatz is hosting this event where all participating artists gather. Eurovision Village opens on May 18th. Ottakringer Brauerei is the location for EuroClub.