12 Points Go To: Spain, Slovenia winners of first heats

12 Points 2015

The first two heats in our Eurovision 2015 poll were opened on Monday and the results are now revealed. All 40 countries have been randomly divided into ten heats and the two most voted of each heat qualify. The results of heats one and two can be found below, qualifiers are bolded.

Heat 1

  1. Spain
  2. Greece
  3. Lithuania
  4. Portugal

Heat 2

  1. Slovenia
  2. Armenia
  3. Austria
  4. Switzerland

These four countries will therefore compete in round two. The format of 12 Points Go To -poll as well as the voting forms can be found here. Voting in heats three and four is now open! The results will be revealed on Saturday, April 4th.

Heat 3

Heat 3

United Kingdom, Azerbaijan, San Marino and Cyprus

Heat 4

Heat 4

Latvia, Poland, Malta and Italy