12 Points Go To: Nordics win heats five, six

12 Points 2015

The fifth and sixth heats out of ten have been closed for voting. The results are now revealed and four more have qualified for the second round of our poll. The qualifiers are bolded.

Heat 5

  1. Norway
  2. Iceland
  3. Georgia
  4. Ireland

Heat 6

  1. Sweden
  2. France
  3. Denmark
  4. Moldova

Voting in heats seven and eight is now open and the results will be revealed on Saturday. You can vote either below or here. Again, the top two of each heat qualify.

Heat 7

Heat 7

Heat 8

Heat 8

Who have made it so far?

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After all heats have been competed, the 20 qualifiers will be randomly divided into five heats. Two qualify from each heat so that ten will make it to the semi-final round. Four qualify for the final round where the winner is picked.