Presenting the entries: Armenia


Genealogy – Face the Shadow

Composers: Armen Martirosyan, Inna Mkrtchyan

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Selection format

The Armenian broadcaster, AMPTV, decided to select the Armenian entry through an internal selection this year. The group came together because of the contest, and they were each picked specifically for vocal purposes. The song was then presented early in February.


As the group was formed for this special event, AMPTV decided to pick six Armenian singers from different continents of the world, and the selection was exciting as the participants was announced one by one at different dates. The first member to be presented was Essaï Altounian who lives in France, then Tamar Kaprelian from America, Vahe Tilbian from Ethiopia, Stephanie Topalian from Japan, Mary-Jean O’Doherty from Australia, and finally Inga Arshakyan from Armenia. Inga is already known to many Eurovision-fans as she represented Armenia together with Anush Arshakyan back in 2009 with the song Jan Jan. 

Armenia will participate in the first semifinal, on May 19th.