Presenting the entries: Romania


Voltaj – De la capat/ All Over Again

Composers: Calin Gavril Goia, Gabriel Constantin, Adrian Cristescu, Paduraru Silviu-Marian, Alstani Victor-Razvan, Monica-Ana Stevens, Andrei-Madalin Leonte


Selection format

Romania picked their representing entry through their national final Selecția Națională 2015, where twelve artists competed. As 93 songs were submitted, a jury decided which twelve acts that should compete in the national final. In the final, both jury and viewers gave their points, where all the votes was converted into 12, 10 and 8-1 points, in true Eurovision-style. Voltaj got 12 points from both jury and televoters.


Voltaj is not an unknown band in Romania, as they have been ongoing for over 20 years, winning music awards and been on the charts. They have been touring through several other European countries as well, like Moldova, Italy, Ireland, and this years hosting country for Eurovision, Austria. The pop-rock band has even received the Best Romanian Act award at the MTV EMA’s back in 2005.
In 2014 the band started a campaign to support children that is left alone as their parents travel to work outside the country. As their Eurovision entry has the same subject, Voltaj wants their participation to give attention to this social problem, all over the world.

Romania will perform in the first semifinal on May 19th, and fight for a spot in the final.