Interview: Loïc Nottet’s stage show to be something new in Eurovision

Loic Nottet interview

Picture: Josh Brandao

Loïc Nottet is a 19-year old Belgian representative in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. Last year, he entered The Voice Belgique and reached second place in the final. His cover of Sia’s hit ‘Chandelier’ has been viewed on YouTube for over 120,000 times and even Sia herself has linked it on her Twitter page.

Loïc was chosen internally by RTBF, the Belgian broadcaster who contacted him in August.

– At first I didn’t say yes right away. I said “ok I have to think about it”. I thought a lot about that proposition. I was a completely new artist without songs, style, or pictures, without anything and I wanted to be sure we had time enough to realize everything we had to do. That’s why I didn’t say yes directly.

Also the song, ‘Rhythm Inside’, was chosen internally and it was premiered in March. The song is penned by Loïc himself together with his The Voice Belgique coach Beverly Jo Scott. Main message behind the song is that we are all the same despite being different.

– I didn’t work “Rhythm Inside” with the goal to win the Eurovision Song Contest. I worked on it as a single and something you would hear on the radio.

‘I don’t like competitions’

Loïc Nottet admits he is a perfectionist who doesn’t want to lose against himself.

– I am someone that is ambitious and who likes challenges and who doesn’t like to lose challenges and fights. I mean I am not going to be happy if I lose my own project, if I mess my song or my video or my performance. I don’t want to lose challenges against myself. I am not someone that likes competitions, I don’t care about that.

Despite not liking competitions, Loïc admits that singing and song contests are a good platform for artists to share their music to broader audience.

– My goal (in Eurovision) is to have more experience and to meet a big audience. I would like to meet some new artists and new persons with whom I could collaborate.

Minimalistic stage performance

The first rehearsal for Belgium in Vienna is set for May 11th and then we’ll get the first impression of his stage show. But what can we expect?

– Something very bright, minimalistic and pure, clean, very robotic movements. There will be surprises. I am going to keep it simple but modern with new technologies. I think it’s going to be something new for Eurovision.

Instead of dancers, Loïc is joined on stage by several backing vocalists. Details regarding the stage performance are disclosed by Loïc, his record label Sony and the broadcaster RTBF.

– I think the most difficult for me is to work with other people. I am someone that is used to work alone and I like it. I have my own ideas. So it’s difficult for me to work with a team. When I am sure about something I am sure about it and no one can change my mind.

Future plans

Loïc wants to make a career in music and share his music outside Belgium as well. He is signed to Sony Music but debut album is not expected in near future.

– I wish to do an album one day but I don’t know when. Maybe next year or in two years or…

The singer is not studying right now as he focuses on music but if he is to start studying again, his plan is to study something related to arts. However, Eurovision Song Contest is just around the corner and all focus is on it.

– Be who you are and try to enjoy life even if it’s not easy every day!

Belgium competes in the first semi-final in Vienna, on May 19th.