12 Points Go To: Ten countries made it to semi-final round!


Only ten remain in our Eurovision poll which has come to the semi-final round. Results of the second round’s final heats can be found below. Two most voted of each heat qualified for the semi-final.

Heat 4

  1. Italy (60%)
  2. Albania (15%)
  3. Greece (13%)
  4. Azerbaijan (12%)

Heat 5

  1. Spain (43%)
  2. Sweden (33%)
  3. Latvia (17%)
  4. Armenia (7%)

Those four now compete against the winners of previous heats; Russia, Slovenia, Norway, Estonia, Australia and Netherlands. They have been randomly divided into two heats – the two most voted of each heat make it to the final! Voting is open for a week and results will be announced next Tuesday (April 28th). This time you have three votes.