Presenting the entries: Hungary



Composers: Áron Sebestyén, Boglárka Csemer, Sára Hélène Bori

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Selection format

As every year since 2012, Hungary picked their entry through their national final, A Dal. The process included three heats, two semifinals and one big final. Ten entries competed in each heat, and six of them advanced to the semifinals. Then, nine acts competed in each semifinal, and four of them was picked for the final by both jury and public voting. Biggie won the final after a superfinal containing the four acts that received the most votes.


Boggie, or Boglárka Csemer, is a known singer and songwriter from Hungary. She was releasing her first album in 2013 and in early 2014, she gained popularity all over the world for her song Nouveau parfum, and her album reached both the Billboard jazz list, and the official Billboard world music list. Her second album was then released later in 2014. She like to call her music high-quality pop, as she is influenced by several genres like pop, jazz, folk and classical.

Boggie will perform the Hungarian entry in the first semifinal, on May 19th.