Presenting the entries: Germany

Ann Sophie


Composers: Michael Harwood, Ella McMahon, Tonino Speciale

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Selection format

Unser Song für Österreich. That was the name of this year’s German pre-selection. Eight finalists were competing and seven of them were invited to participate by the broadcaster in cooperation with record labels. The eighth finalist, wildcard, was chosen in a club concert. All willing artists could enter by uploading a video of them singing on the broadcaster’s online platform. Over 1,200 videos were eventually received and ten of them made it to the televised club concert where the winner was chosen by the audience. Ann Sophie made it to the Grand Final as the wildcard entrant.

The winner in the final was chosen in several voting rounds. In the first round, each artist performed their first song. The four most voted made it to the second round where they performed their second entries. Eventually, two qualified for the superfinal with the song that had received most votes. These superfinalists were Ann Sophie and Andreas Kümmert. The latter went on winning the final. However, right after he was declared the winner, Andreas Kümmert said on stage that he can’t accept the prize and hands it over to Ann Sophie. The hostess Barbara Schöneberger then had no other choise but to announce that Ann Sophie is the winner.

Ann Sophie

For the second year in row, the winner of the wildcard contest is the German representative. Ann Sophie was born in London 24 years ago but soon moved to Hamburg. From there, she moved to New York to study at Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute. Her first single was released in 2012 and debut album is set to be released on April 24th, 2015. Ann Sophie had not had much experience in performing in front of a large audience before entering the German pre-selection. While studying in New York, she performed at local clubs. Next up is a gig in front of millions of viewers at Eurovision Song Contest!