ESC 2015: Names of jury members announced this Friday

Eurovision voting

Names of the jury members that will determine 50% of the outcome will be published this Friday, May 1st, according to Media Handbook. There will be five members in every participating country which means that a total of 200 jurors will have a 50% stake in the outcome. The list of jurors will be published on

The EBU rules state following about the jury voting:

  • The jury should consist of a variety of members – 5 in total – in terms of age, gender, and background
  • All jury members must be citizens of the country they are representing
  • Jury members may not have been part of their national jury in the preceding two years
  • None of the jury members must be connected to any of the participating songs/artists in such a way that they cannot vote independently. The participating broadcasters must send a letter of compliance with the voting instructions together with signed declarations by each jury member stating that they will vote independently

As was the case last year, each juror will rank all the songs and not only their top ten. Jurors are advised to focus on  the vocal capacity of the artist(s), the performance on stage, the composition and originality of the song, and the overall impression by the act when ranking the entries.