New technology introduced on Eurovision stage

Picture: Milenko Badzic/ORF

Picture: Milenko Badzic/ORF

Construction of this year’s Eurovision stage was finished last week. Last installations and finishing touches are being made in Wiener Stadthalle ahead of the rehearsals that start on May 11th.

As previously revealed by the organisers, the stage consists of 1,288 pillars and they form an eye-shaped figure. These pillars also reflect colors. Behind the stage is a LED wall which is 22 meters wide and 8,5 meters high.

A new technology is being introduced in this year’s song contest as a kinetic light sculpture is being built in the arena’s ceiling, right in front of the stage. A Denmark-based company is in charge of the light effect. 650 ‘motorized balls’ hang from the ceiling and they can create 3D-effects. A video of a similar technology can be watched below.