Presenting the entries: France



Composers: Michel Illouz, M. Albert, Laure Izon

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Selection format

This year, the French entry was chosen through an internal selection. The French broadcaster sent out requests to different record companies, and Lisa Angell was chosen as the one to represent the country. Her entry was first presented in November 2014.

Lisa Angell

Lisa Angell has always dreamt of an singing career, and to perform on the Eurovision stage. She released her first single back in 2001, but however ended up not releasing a full album until 2011. Then, in 2013, she released a second album and entered the French TV show, Les Chansons d’abord. After the show, she has been musically active, collaborating with artists and released a third album.

Lisa Angell will perform on the big Eurovision stage in the final, as France is one of the big countries. The final will be held on May 23rd.