Day 1: Necklines, leather, punk and wind machine

First eight countries had their rehearsals on Monday in Vienna! Read and see below how the rehearsals went:


Picture: EBU

Moldova was first on stage on Monday in Vienna. Eduard Romayuta brought a few cops with him and the first semi-final will for sure get an energetic start. Theme of the performance is, of course, a love story.

– It was hard to create something special and I hope you are happy with our stage show, Eduard commented in a press meet & greet after his rehearsal.

– It is difficult to open the 60th Eurovision Song Contest but we are ready!


Trees seem to be featured the most in Armenian stage shows and so is the case this year as well. The dramatic performance reaches its climax when the artists come together and in the end they stand on a world map. This reflects the band members’ origins.

– The song has different meanings to different people. We basically have one story but from six different places and we hope that it comes across to the audience.


Picture: EBU

Loïc is joined on stage by five backing vocalists/dancers who are part of the choreography. Strobe lights and white backdrop combined with the choreography make it look artistic.

Loïc was asked whether his attitude towards the song contest changed thanks to Austrian victory.

– Of course because now everyone knows Conchita! After last year when Conchita won, I looked for old Eurovision songs and performers and that way I became curious of Eurovision Song Contest.


Trijntje’s outfit stole the show in the Dutch first rehearsal, however, we have seen plunging necklines in Eurovision before haven’t we? Four backing vocalists join Trijntje on stage. Trijntje herself is mostly static while the backing vocalists move on stage. Colors on stage vary from green to white and red with shadows on LED screens.

– We are so focused on three minutes here and trying to make it the best three minutes of our lives. It’s bizarre how professional and friendly everyone is here!

But who designed the dress?

– The dress is designed by Prince Charming (Tycho Boeker) but I together with my team came up with the idea for the dress, Trijntje answered.


Picture: EBU

The Finns are setting a new record next week when ‘Aina mun pitää’ becomes the shortest Eurovision entry ever performed. As commented by PKN, their performance is similar to the one in the Finnish national final. However, this time with more smoke.

The press showed high interest towards Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät and the band assured that they are in Vienna to win!

– Of course we had fun on stage! The stage was a little bit too big, we are used to smaller stages and it takes time to get used to it, Sami from the band commented.

– It’s time for some good old punk music in Eurovision Song Contest!


Picture: EBU

Greece is giving us the first ballad of the show. The stage unveils a new effect which is a circle light rig behind the LED wall. And what would Eurovision be without a wind machine? On stage with Maria-Elena are two hidden backing vocalists and co-composer Efthivoulos Theocharous who plays the piano.

– I feel that everything’s going okay and Greece will pass to the final, Maria-Elena answered the question whether she feels any pressure for Greece always making it to the final.


Estonia is clearly one of the pre-favorites. Like others, also they wore their semi-final costumes in today’s rehearsal. The Estonian delegation wants to create a dark yet elegant atmosphere. City skyline is featured in the backdrop. Stig is standing with the guitar but Elina is taking a few steps on stage as well.

– The song is about two people trying to figure out what is going on in their lives. We tried to write lyrics in which everyone can relate to, Stig explains the song.

– Everything went well today! At first we didn’t know what to expect but we relaxed when we noticed how professional everyone was.

They also revealed that they are not going to make an album together but Stig has written several songs for Elina’s new album.


Picture: EBU

Medieval ruins and autumn leaves. That’s what the Macedonian team brings on stage in Wiener Stadthalle. Daniel is on stage with MERJ (formerly Blackstreet). Daniel stands out from others who wear darker clothes.

The original version of the song was actually in English but it was translated into Macedonian for Skopje Fest (national final). But why to sing about autumn leaves?

– Autumn is not the end because a few months later spring comes and the leaves become green again. And this is what I sing about, every end has a new beginning.


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