Day 2: Eurovision craziness continued

Day two in Vienna with the rest of the first semi-final participants rehearsing. Each country gets a 30-minute rehearsal on stage and after that a short meeting with the press. First round of rehearsals is closed from audience and only EBU will release videos and pictures from the arena. Check also what happened on Monday.


Picture: EBU

Guess what? Serbia brings some good old Eurovision stuff with them on stage. Flags, wind machine, costume changes and the pompous tempo change, just to name a few. Bojana herself is focusing on singing while her backing vocalists/dancers do their choreography behind.

– The Serbian version has a special meaning because it was the first song written for me, that version is my personal favorite.


Picture: EBU

Then it’s time for a peace anthem from Hungary. The performance starts in darkness and the only spotlight is on Boggie herself. Later on her backing vocalists join. After her victory in A Dal, there were some comments from Israel about the backdrop used in the national final but it has been changed now for Eurovision. Now the backdrop features guns turning into a tree on a peaceful landscape.

– I felt very comfortable on stage. The technical things were perfect, the background was perfect. At the same time it was spectacular but also very modest, Boggie told the press.


It will be a disappointment for those who expected Belarus to bring the hourglass from their music video. There’s not much happening on stage other than Uzari singing and Maimuna playing the violin. “Sky, stars and the universe are used as transient symbols of time” which is visible in the backdrop.

Uzari has been on Eurovision stage before, as a backing vocalist in 2011.

– It was a great experience to be a backing vocalist. This was my third attempt to reach Eurovision as a lead singer and here I am!


Picture: EBU

Polina Gagarina joins the group of female soloist ballads. No seesaw for Russia this year but according to the comments the performance doesn’t need one. Polina didn’t save her voice in the rehearsals and they could possibly be competing for the same votes with Greece.

– My song is first of all about love and kindness. Sometimes we forget to love and care for each other and to express our love, Polina explains the message of her entry.

Gabriel Alares, co-writer and backing vocalist from Sweden, was asked how come Scandinavians are so good at songwriting.

– It’s in the tap water. You drink it and pick up the guitar!


Picture: EBU

The Danes go for the same performance as in the Danish Melodi Grand Prix. A relaxed and a bit retro performance that is. The members of Anti Social Media take the advantage of Eurovision publicity and they released their debut EP just yesterday.

But where does the band name come from?

– After we recorded the song we realized we need to have a name as well. We sat together in a circle and came up with Anti Social Media. That’s because we want people to sometimes remember to just put their phones away. We are not against Facebook, we are there ourselves as well!


Picture: EBU

Elhaida Dani is used to perform for big audience thanks to her victory in The Voice of Italy. Also Elhaida and her backing vocalists are wearing black and white – seems to be a popular choise this year!

– I love competitions! The Voice Of Italy was the turning point in my life, I’m very happy that I participated. Everything’s changed since then and now I’m here!

Elhaida was forced to change her entry for Eurovision a couple of months after winning Festivali i Këngës.

– They called me from RTSH (the broadcaster) and told me that I don’t have a song anymore. The composer decided to withdraw the song and I was left without a song just three weeks before the deadline. Then the director called me and told me we would make a new song. ‘I’m Alive’ was recorded in three days.


Picture: ORF

Voltaj have brought some props with them; suitcases and a piano. In the background the music video is playing including the message about children left alone.

– We start the song in Romanian but sing also in English because our message is universal, we want everyone to understand the lyrics.

The band also told that the boy who is starring the music video will come to Vienna to meet his family.


You better not to say a wrong word to this woman! Nina Sublatti wrapped up the day with power! Nina is accompanied by backing vocalists but they are not visible on stage leaving her there alone. Even though the stage is one big eye itself, Georgia wanted to have ones in the backdrop as well. Nina is wearing feather, similar to Loreen’s in 2013 interval act.


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