Presenting the entries: United Kingdom

Electro Velvet


Composers: David Mindel & Adrian Bax White

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Selection format

BBC returned to open selection and made it possible for everyone to submit their compositions to the broadcaster. The deadline was set for November 7th and the decision was made internally by BBC. Electro Velvet was confirmed to be the representative in March.

Electro Velvet

Electro Velvet is a new duo consisting of Alex Larke, 35, and Bianca Nicholas, 26. They decided to enter the race as newcomers with their entry ‘Still In Love With You’. It is penned by David Mindel and Adrian Bax White. Alex is a teacher in a primary school but is also in the cast of ‘The Rolling Clones’. It is a tribute act to Rolling Stones and they tour across the UK and other countries, too.

Bianca comes from Kent. She tried to enter The Voice UK but none of the coaches turned around for her in the blind auditions. However, she has managed to pursue a career otherwise as she has even performed for Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge. Bianca has also released a single ‘Hold On To Your Dreams’.