Day 7: Direct finalists on stage

Day 7 Rehearsals

The direct finalists had their first rehearsals on day seven in Vienna.


Picture: EBU

The Italian performance couldn’t be more Italian this year. The backdrop shows Roman statues in the clouds. Otherwise it is pretty much what could be expected – no special gimmicks and the focus is on Il Volo and the dramatic Italian pop-opera ballad.

Although they had some problems with in-ear monitors, the singers assured in the press meeting that they get everything fixed by the amazing organizers.


There’s always some added pressure on the home nation representatives and so is the case also this year. Austrians realized last year that fire is the key to success and this time they try the same trick. The piano is burning while a fire curtain is landing from the ceiling. LED screens are kept dark throughout the performance.

– We probably change lighting a little bit because it wasn’t really how we wanted it to look like, The MakeMakes commented after their rehearsal.

And why the burning piano?

– I’ve always wanted to burn a piano so that’s cool!


Picture: EBU

Edurne is on stage with a dancer, Giuseppe Di Bella. Spain is taking advantage of every Eurovision gimmick there is; wind machine, costume change, topless dancer and dramatic hand moves. Oh, and of course the tree is there in the backdrop – a good year for tree lovers!

– The message of the song is to be brave. I was listening to songs for my new album and listened to Amanecer and immediately fell in love. I felt that this song is perfect for Eurovision, I spoke with the Spanish television and here I am!

– It doesn’t matter in which language you sing because afterall everyone feels the music, Edurne answered the question about choosing to sing in Spanish.


Picture: EBU

Black smoke rises inside Stadthalle when Ann Sophie presents her staging for next week’s final. Ann Sophie is on focus while her four backing vocalists stand in front of the large spotlights.

– Last pieces of the puzzle came together just days ago and today was the first day on stage and it worked, Ann Sophie commented to the press.

As we know, Ann Sophie wasn’t the winner of the German national final, however, as the winner withdrew after the results were announced, Ann Sophie as the runner-up was sent to Vienna.

– I do believe in destiny. But I was so irritated that time so I didn’t know whether to be happy or what.


The UK delegation would have probably wanted to fill the stage with more than six people like in their music video. However, as that isn’t possible they brought just four backing vocalists/dancers to join Alex and Bianca. Otherwise the performance is pretty much like their music video; the singers enter using the staircases and also neon lights are there.

– I think our song is very fitting especially this year as it’s the 60th anniversary. It’s a party year and we bring a bit retro in it as well.

The singers have met former Eurovision representatives such as Conchita, Brotherhood of Man and Lulu and all have given the same advise – to have fun!


Picture: EBU

France may only have five real people on stage but the 3D backdrop makes it feel as if there was an army of people. The performance tells a story which starts from ruins of the First World War. Eventually, the ruins turn into buildings and brighter sky to spread a message of peace and hope.

– Singing in my native language is very important to me. There exists a translation of the song in English but the most important way to convey the message to the audience is by using eyes, hands, music. The message is very strong and you don’t need to understand the lyrics to understand it, Lisa Angell says.


Picture: EBU

Australia may only be entering Eurovision for their first time but they have already realized how to fill the stage. Six street lamps, four backing vocalists and Guy Sebastian is all what’s needed. Of course pyros are there as well. The Aussies go for a street party!

There were rumors about Germany hosting in case Australia wins this year. The Australian delegation commented it otherwise.

– We’ve talked to several European broadcasters and if we’d win, we would announce the host broadcaster a bit later and discuss with broadcasters. It would definitely be held in Europe, that’s for sure!