Copenhagen 2014


59th Eurovision Song Contest in Copenhagen, Denmark

Host broadcaster: DR
Semi-Final One: May 6th, 2014 21:00 CET
Semi-Final Two: May 8th 2014, 21:00 CET
Grand Final: May 10th 2014, 21:00 CET


Every year, EBU and the organizing broadcaster offer a chance for the press and the fans to follow the contest even closer as a certain amount of people will be given the chance to get an accreditation. There are two types of accreditations; one for the press and one for the fans.

Each application will be reviewed by the delegation you applied for, or by the EBU if coming from a non-participating country. The accreditation system is open until April 11th.


To always be up-to-date of the upcoming Eurovision related events, visit our CALENDAR.




Most of the countries that are participating Eurovision Song Contest will choose their representatives through an open call so that anyone can participate. Eurovision Song Contest entries must be under or exactly 3 minutes long and artist(s) on stage over 16 years old by the time of the contest. Song mustn’t be publiced before September 1st or it might be disqualified. In addition, each broadcaster might add their own rules, some accept foreign composers and artists, some not. Please keep on eye on our news as there you’ll find the most up-to-date information and rules for national selection formats.

Some broadcasters however select their representative internally without any national selection.


The official motto of the 2014 song contest is “Join Us”. With this slogan, the organizers want to ‘enable the viewers to get even closer to the participants’ and invite everyone to join the party. The logo features a diamond with the motto written in the middle of it.



First batch of tickets went on sale on November 29, more tickets will come available in January and April. About 10,000 tickets will be sold through Estimated prices in euros are listed below.

Live Grand Final 240€ 200€ 120€ 40€
Live Semi-Finals 92€ 71€ 46€ 17€
Final Dress Rehearsal 60€ 34€ 23€ 14€
Jury Grand Final 92€ 71€ 46€ 17€
Semi-Final Dress Rehearsals 52€ 30€ 17€ 13€
Jury Semi-Finals 52€ 30€ 17€ 13€

Eurovision 2014 seat plan


The organizers kept the fans in suspense for four months before finally announcing Copenhagen as the venue in early September. This year, however, the event won’t take place in a huge arena but in an old shipyard which will be ready to welcome Eurovision fans in May. Refshaleøen will be converted into a ‘Eurovision Island’ where all the necessary venues for the event will be, these include Eurovision Park with a lot of activities for visitors as well as the Press Center for 1,500 journalists. The live shows will take place inside B&W Hallerne. The exact capacity of the venue hasn’t been told but it is around 10,000 spectators.

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