Day 3: From happy start into dramatic ending

Rehearsals 2015 day 2


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Love. Love. Love. It is in the air in the beginning of the second semi-final. Colors shine bright in Monika and Vaida’s performance. The two are accompanied by four backing vocalists who join the choreography. On Twitter, Vaidas encourages everyone in Vienna to kiss each other simultaneously with them at ‘one kiss’ part. Will you take up the challenge, fans?

And how is this duo going to stand out from others?

– Well, we are kissing!


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Woman and a piano. And a couple of backing vocalists. And drums. And basso. And cello. Is that a key to success for Ireland this year? The backdrop gives an impression of close-to-nature performance – only the bare feet are missing. The team wanted to create a warm atmosphere on stage.

– This doesn’t feel like a competition, we are just having fun! It’s a great honor to be representing our country, Molly told the press.

Molly also told that ‘Playing With Numbers’ wasn’t written for Eurovision Song Contest and that the co-writer Greg French suggested her to enter Eurovision with the song.


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It’s again time to make our planet a slightly better place to live. Last year San Marino reached the final with Ralph Siegel playing the piano for Valentina Monetta. This time Ralph is nowhere to be seen as the former JESC participants are on stage – backed by four backing vocalists.

– Junior Eurovision was a great experience to me. When I came here, everything is much bigger! Junior Eurovision was like preparation for this, the youngest duet ever in Eurovision commented.

Valentina Monetta has told the young artists to have fun!


The mandatory Balkan ballad of the year is here. Knez brought five backing vocalists with him on stage with one of them being his daughter. The backdrop illustrates Balkan scenery with mountains and Adriatic sea.

– It’s very difficult to translate the lyrics in English. The song is about endless love and written by Zeljko Joksimovic.


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The war of the warriors is here. Yesterday, the Georgian warrior revealed her stage show and now it is time for the Maltese one. Amber is standing in the middle of the stage and dramatic flames dominate the LED screens in the background (well, the flames were winning material for Austria last year). Also pyros are used.

– Before the rehearsal I was very excited but it went perfectly. I’m very satisfied, Amber told after being on stage and continued saying that Eurovision fans are incredible!


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Norway is tipped to end up high in the scoreboard next week. Their performance today is very similar to the MGP performance with updated outfits. Like in MGP, most of the performance is filmed by one camera with close-ups to the artists.

– I wrote the song a few years again and I’ve been waiting for the right moment to release it. I saw MGP deadline was approaching and I decided to submit it just out of curiosity, Mørland said to the press.

Mørland found Debrah Scarlett from YouTube and as the song was written with a duet in mind, he decided to approach Debrah and suggested cooperation.

– Mørland contacted me and I didn’t know who he was. I had to listen to the song (A Monster Like Me) and discuss with him but I was convinced by the song and decided to go for it, Debrah Scarlet adds.

The singers also promised to make a parachute jump together in case they win!


Picture: EBU

The stage turns blue when it’s time for Leonor Andrade from Portugal to rehearse. Also the Portuguese team is wearing black. Wind machine and city skyline work as the only props for this performance.

– ‘Há um mar que nos separa’ is a metaphor for the distance between two beloved souls, Leonor defines the song title.

Portugal is one of the few countries singing in other language than English. Leonor commented that they decided to sing the song in Portuguese because in her opinion everyone should sing in their own language in Eurovision. She clarifies that she is not against those who sing in English but that it’s just her opinion.


Picture: EBU

Czech Republic makes a comeback after skipping the last five contests. They have never made it to the final yet but maybe this time they could? The fourth duet of the day joined the group of dramatic entries. The stage turns from dark start into bright end which “symbolizes that sunset is changing into sunrise” as they told

Part of their choreography is Marta throwing her shoes away and in the press meeting she was asked the reason for this.

– I once hosted some sort of a “Czech Grammy Awards” and on live television I threw my high heels away because I didn’t feel comfortable. The next day it was all over the newspapers and therefore people always combine me with throwing shoes away. I throw my shoes away in our performance when the rock part starts.

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